​Yuliia was born in a small village in Ukraine. She was raised both on her parents' farm and on her grandma's farm where she learned to have a vast appreciation for the beauty of nature's wonderful gifts for healing the human body, mind, and spirit. As she graduated from college as a nurse in Kyiv and minored as a lawyer, she began experiencing helping others, which she quickly found out she had realized her destiny. She loved helping others to heal and feel beautiful, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. She moved to America in 2002 seeking to the gain more knowledge and experience to be able to share with her clients. She graduated from multiple programs including the nursing program at the University of Utah, Myotherapy College of Massage Therapy, Certified Lymphedema Therapist certification from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies, and the International Academy of Master of Analysis specializing in the methods of Master Rasborov. Having worked at the world-class Grand Spa at the Grand America for many years as well as working with world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Saltz providing postoperative care to his patients, she learned the importance of valuing one's self and helping her clients to reach a point where they truly value themselves in all aspects of life. After earning an impeccable reputation for wellness therapy and beauty enhancements as well as quantum psychology, she opened Delightful Massage and Microblading Services (DMS LLC). Here she has continued her passion for helping clients to realize the beauty that lives in every soul as well as themselves and how to realize that beauty into their own world. Now she is in a beautiful relationship with her life partner and a mother to a wonderful son, and as a therapist and business owner, she looks forward to continuing her journey with you and helping you find the beauty that lives within yourself. 


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