“Master Razborov” is unique method in wellness. It’s a combination of basic and quantum psychology detailed analysis and transformation. It provides a fast and effective approach to heal any physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or spiritual health issues.
Supplement Boutique
​Massage Therapy

We are skilled in several modalities, which require different techniques including using exaggerated strokes ranging the length of a body part or quick percussion-like strokes with a cupped or closed hand. Massages given depend on the client's needs as well as their physical condition. Our location is a beautiful Victorian farmhouse built in 1906 which  has an elegant yet cozy spa with scented candles, ambient soothing music, and a relaxing environment. For our massages we use Professional Therapy natural quality massage oils, lotions, creams, and aromatherapy that will invigorate your body and mind and lift your spirits.

Delightful Massage &

 Microblading Services


$149.46 - 60 minutes
$269.46 - 90 minutes
Sports Massage​
$179.46 - 60 minutes
$299.46 - 90 minutes

​$159.46 - 60 minutes
​$279.46 - 90 minutes

Deep Tissue
$199.46 - 60 minutes 

$319.46 - 90 minutes 

$169.46 - 60 minutes
$289.46 - 90 minutes
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Diagnostic Analysis
$64.46 per session

Transformation Sessions
$264.46 per session